Hunt Info & Pricing



Full Rut/ 5 day hunt

still available for


Fully guided, meals and lodging

$1,800 per person!


Pre-Rut      Oct. 15 – Halloween 5 night/ 5 day $1,700    
Full Rut Halloween.-Thanksgiving 5 night/ 5 day $1,800
Gun Season See ODNR page 4 night/ 3 day $ 2,000
Muzzleloader Jan 4th -Jan 7th 4  night/ 3 day $2,000
Late Season Archery When snow is on the ground! 5 night/ 5 day $1,700

Prices may vary with additional hunters. Call for availability

Corey Snoke (740) 503-6280

The typical Booner’s Acres hunt will start with helping guest get situated and comfortable in camp. Hunters will then be familiarized with lodging, practice range, property boundaries, and recently captured trail camera pictures. Hunters will have personal choice on stand locations and length of sits. This isn’t a hunt where you’re told what to do! This is your hunt and you’re welcome to make your own decisions. Of course, Recommendations will be made based on knowledge, past observations, scouting and recent trail camera monitoring. Hunters will be provided with self serve breakfast, cold cut lunches and home cooked country dinner.

After the harvest, Booner’s Acres will provide assistance with game recovery (if needed), game care, taxidermy preparation and a trophy photo shoot. Onsite coolers are available for prolonged game preservation during your stay. Venison may also be donated to local food pantry or Ohio Hunter and Farmers feeding the Hungry program.

Season Descriptions:

Pre-Rut is arguably one of the best times to catch a mature whitetail on his feet during legal shooting light. White acorns will undoubtedly be the preferred food source but Hunters should also focus on scrape and rub lines located close to known mature bucks bedding areas. Bucks are also very susceptible to calling as they search for the first receptive does.


Full Rut, This is the time that anything could happen! Sometimes rut hunting can be hard. Deer are off daily patterns and very unpredictable but mature deer daylight movement is at its highest. Hunters are urged to sit all day. Focus will be on funnels and known doe bedding areas. Keep the bow close because the action can be fast and in a moment’s notice! Hunters will be provided with a packed lunch for all day sits.



Opening Muzzleloader: Again it’s time to extend your effective range. Hunters will be provided with a range to practice on day of arrival. This time of year many factors must be paid attention to. The controversial “second rut” is now, so staying close to does can be a successful tactic. Bucks worn down from rut must re-fuel, so food sources are also crucial. Also, knowledge will be made of potential pressure from neighboring properties and likelihood of forced deer movement.
Guest arriving day before opener

Late Season Standing Food Source:

My personal favorite! If you’ve never hunted late season, the key is cold weather and preferred food sources. Booner’s Acres properties have secluded standing food sources with nearly zero pressured whitetails. The time frame on late season hunt may be set in advance but is best if your arrival time is flexible. For the past 3 years, late season hunting has been great! Count on this hunt happening in or around late January-early February. Baiting is a legal and effective tactic under Ohio Hunting regulations, pre-baited sites can be established if requested.

Why Hunt with Us?

Booner’s Acres guides for only one guest (or group of guest) or for each season noted. Total,we only guide 4-6 guest a year! When you hunt with Booner’s Acres your get total attention! You’re not just a number or hunter in camp! You ARE THE HUNTER!  Each hunt possesses certain advantages. Weather, food sources, breeding activity to name a few will depict the hunting tactics used and the location of hunts.

Why Hunt Ohio?

Ohio Hunting License and Deer Permits are very affordable for the non-resident hunter ($149 total for license and permit). Tags are over the counter with hunters able to hunt day of sale! Tags can be purchased online or at almost any local sporting goods store. No lottery/No wait!


*Prices include lodging, meals, guiding services, game care and trophy prep. Prices do not include License, Permit or travel expenses. Accommodations can be made for airport pick-up.

*Booking of hunts start in February for the following fall, upon request the Booner’s Acres contract and release from liability formed will be emailed to all interested parties.

*Booner’s Acres requires 1/2 down deposit per hunter at time of booking, remainder balance due on arrival. Deposit’s refundable (minus $100 booking charge, per hunter) till Sept. 1st of that year.